Afghan Peace Volunteers – HISTORY

In 2008, 50 university students participated in a 3-month Peace Workshop at Bamiyan University in Bamiyan Province, facilitated by a Singaporean medical doctor and humanitarian worker Dr Hakim ( Dr Teck Young, Wee ). 16 of the students from six different ethnic groups agreed to live together for a semester to demonstrate the possibility of ethnic unity. Youth from other villages gathered to raise their voice of peace. Their first actions was a tent vigil at Bamiyan Peace Park, which they established. The U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan promised to deliver their message to President Obama. Soon Afghan Peace Volunteers came in contact with international peacemakers, especially Voices for Creative Nonviolence in the US and UK, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. In 2011 APV moved to Kabul, and officially registered themselves with the Afghan Ministry of Justice as a civil society group. Members of APV have visited Australia an India at invitations from different NGO’s. They have also been nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize.