Some of the letters I recieve focus on Gandhi’s person.
I hope this statement may answer some of these questions.

The main concern of Gandhi TODAY is not Gandhi.
The main concern of Gandhi TODAY is the present, not the past.

It is the Gandhian concept of living, i.e. ahimsa (nonviolence), satyagraha (nonviolent action), swadeshi (self-reliance), swaraj (self-rule) and above all, sarvodaya (the welfare of all) and the difficult task of applying this concept to our present violent based society, that has top priority on this site.
We as human beings has a large tendency to personalize evil and good, building myths and rumors of famous persons or of one another, which not in the least do help us to deal constructively with our ongoing conflicts and problems of today.
The essence of nonviolence is being sadly forgotten – that is to distinguish between the “wrong-doer” and the “wrong-being-done”. And that goes for our good actions, too. If we really want to mature as humans, we have to start looking beyond the personal character (which we all know constantly changes as lifes goes by) and explore the kind of ideas which can be of any assistance in building a more healthy planet, regardless of their origin. Just as for example Marxism has to do with a concept of thinking – not in particular the individual Karl Marx – Gandhi TODAY endeavours to inspire its readers to constructive living, not just wishy-washy worshipping, quotating or gossiping.
(Note: This is just an example. I’m not comparing these two concepts. And I doubt that “Gandhi-ism” would mean a solution, rather the opposite.)

Like The Peace Pilgrim said:

“If one person dedicate his or her life to peace, its big news.
If many persons each contribute some of their lifes to peace, they can make history.”

Jan Viklund