“The soul is omnipresent - why should she care to be confined within the cage-like body, or do evil and even kill for the sake of that cage?”
M.K. Gandhi

Gandhi TODAY support the Resilient Work of NGO registered Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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The opera Satyagraha by US composer Philip Glass, is being staged in Sweden for the first time, opening on 14 September at Folkoperan in a co production with Cirkus Cirkör.

Opera singers and circus artists will meet on the Folkoperan stage in a space where anything can happen and the laws of gravity are suspended. The 1979 work includes scenes from the young Gandhi's life in South Africa. It was then he discovered Satyagraha, insistence on truth, which was to become the start of what we call civil disobedience. Gandhi went on to become one of the most famous people in the world within the non-violence movement.

The director Tilde Björfors is founder and artistic director of Cirkus Cirkör. Her previous works Wear it like a crown, Knitting Peace, Borders and Limits address subjects such as peace, borders, risks and opportunities. Her interpretation of Satyagraha further develops these themes and goes a step further in daring to believe in a peaceful path.