“I own no property and yet I feel that I am perhaps the richest man in the world.”
M.K. Gandhi

Gandhi TODAY support the Resilient Work of NGO registered Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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  • Mother Earth and Nature,
    like our own mothers,
    You seem to be the only Ones who notice us,
    who care for us,
    who don’t sit in posh offices while we go hungry,
    and who don’t drop bombs on us
    while acting big and pretending to do good.
    From scientific facts,
    You’re suffering from our adult addictions.
    For that,
    on the one day of the week we can rest from work on the streets,
    next to a Kabul River tributary
    which we humans have trashed and dehydrated,
    we marched for You.
    With love,
  • Borderfree Afghan Street Kids and Afghan Peace Volunteers in solidarity with
    People’s Climate March 2017

    Friday, 28th March, 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan

  • “Love for the environment is love for Mother.”
    “Mother, how I wish you were here today to see what I’m doing.”
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